General Information & Rules

  1. Halls are available for rent for weddings, receptions, banquets, dance and all events. PLEASE contact OHIO CATERING at 740-543-3978 to book your event. Tentative bookings can be made however, it is NOT guaranteed until deposit is received. Deposit for large hall is $350.00, small hall is $125.00. In the event of cancellation there will be no refund of the deposit until the date had been rebooked. PLEASE NOTE - 6 months prior to event a second payment of $500.00 payable to Ohio Catering is required for catering services.
  2. Hall rental fees are as listed - LARGE HALL - $350.00    SMALL HALL - $125.00 (up to 80 people)
  3. All tenants will be held responsible for the proper care of the facility while being used and will be required to pay for any and all damages incurred during their rental.
  4. Ohio Catering is our exclusive caterer. Desserts, cakes, cookies, mints, nuts, favors & decorations may be brought into the hall. Menus are available as buffet or sit down style. Gratuities are charged to sit down meals at a rate of 15% and are added to the bill.
  5. Final RSVP counts are due to Ohio Catering 10 to 14 days prior to the event date. FINAL PAYMENTS are due to Ohio Catering 5 to 7 days prior to event date.
  6. We will cut and serve your cake at no charge. **The RENTER must provide plates & forks for this. We will also tray/display your cookies at NO additional charge. Renter must provide plates for this also.
  7. All beverages will be served by the Columbian Club. No alcoholic beverages are permitted to be brought into the hall by tenant or guest. Beverage setup costs are $3.25 per person. This includes pop, mixers, ice, juices & cups. Bartenders are furnished by the Columbian Club at a rate of $75.00 per bartender for the affair.
  8. No on under the age of 21 years of age will be served alcoholic beverages. Identification will be requested by bartenders. The Columbian Club reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any individual attending the affair.
  9. For ALL dances: No beverages of any kind, ice or coolers will be permitted into the hall. The tenant is held liable for this rule.
  10. Decorations must be approved by the hall manager. No decorations are permitted to be taped, pasted, stapled or tacked to walls, woodwork, drapes or doors. Candles must be enclosed. There is a 4 hour limit for decorating. Extra hours will be charged at $25.00/hour unless negotiated with hall manager. Decorating services are offered for all events. Linens are available at an additional charge. Please discuss options with Ohio Catering.
  11. The parking lot and coat check area is for use by hall patrons. The hall is NOT responsible for ANY lost, stolen or damaged items.
  12. Ohio sales tax will be charged on all food and beverage service. Rate is 7.5% at this time and is subject to change at any time.
  13. Closing time for all weddings is 11pm, for all dances 1:00am, unless other arrangements have been made.
  14. Leftover food items will be packaged up in TENANTS containers supplied to Ohio Catering.
  15. **Prices are subject to change. The tenant will be notified at our earliest chance*